Soap Nut
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Soap Nut

Soap Nuts grows on the Soap Berry Tree in Nepal (Sapindus Mukorossi), and it contains saponin, a natural and active cleaning agent.

It grows only on organic land and has been used for centuries by natives of India and Nepal. Soap nuts do not bubble or foam up like commercial soaps which uses artificial foaming agents.

In Ayurveda, soapnuts are recommended for those with skin allergies, eczema, psorasis and fungal conditions.

The quality of your laundry when using soap nut, will be fresh, clean, and will keep your colours bright. It has an antiseptic property which is very good for babies. It is the best for those with eczema and sensitive skin.

This bag contains 500gm of soap nuts that will allow you to have up to +- 85 washes. For full load washing machine, use 6 - 8 shells. You can reuse the shells for 4 times.  You can use soap nuts in so many ways.

By using soap nuts you will not pollute the water and the shells are 100% biodegradable.  Read More

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Weight: 500 gm
Oral Botanica Classic (15 ml)
Product Code: ORAL15ML
Oral Botanica Classic (15 ml)

A unique formulation of 100% organic botanical oils to
  • clean the teeth, i.e. replace toothpaste
  • help improve and prevent gum diseases, i.e. replace mouthwash
  • freshen the breath, i.e. replace breath freshener
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