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Mountain Cheurii Honey
Mountain Cheurii Honey

Mountain Cheurii  Honey also known as butter nut tree honey. Cheurii honey has a aromatic scent of caramel and the the taste is a blend of butter and caramel. Very delicious and Nutritious. Highly Pure and Natural. High in medicinal value and packed with natural enzymes.

* The medicinal qualities of honey from Nepal is highly recognized for its purity. In Ayurveda, medicines are often taken with honey. There are many good health benefits in consuming pure and natural honey.

HPF honey comes from the Himalayan Mountains, the land of fresh air and natural beautiful landscape. Our honey is collected using eco-friendly and natural methods, protecting the bees and the environment. All the vitamins, minerals and enzymes are retained in the honey.

SGD = $ 23
Weight: 340 gm