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Himalayan Mountain Ghee
Himalayan Mountain Ghee

Grass Fed Himalayan Mountain Ghee is made from pure milk of our cows that roam our himalayan hills eating only grass and breathing fresh mountain air. HPF Ghee is aromatic with a natural caramel, sweet and butterish scent and taste.

Ghee has many benefit and is considered as brain food, It is Saatvic food and is used in may ayurvedic remedies.

Enjoy all the health benefits for your gastrointestinal system. Strengthen your immune system, eliminate allergies, balance your choleserol levels, improve your energy, eye health, skin and so much more.

GHEE has a very high smoke point. It has short chain fatty acids which is easily absorbed by the body, rich in antioxidants and helps in absorption of vitamins, minerals from foods to which helps to stregnthen the immune system. Great for burns, memory retention, and has butyric acid, a fatty acid that contains anti-viral properties which is believed to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumours.

HPF Ghee is hand made using traditional nepali methods instead of machines. It is labourious involving many man hours and we use only pure cow milk which does not come in large quantities. Butter is churned from curd using wooden butter churner. Cooked on slow fire which gives the ghee a natural caramel aroma, sweet and butterish scent and taste.

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