Organic Certification

Till today in Nepal most of the farming are still organic based without the use of pesticide and chemical fertilizer. Instead of new technology and chemicals, they use traditional tools, cow dung and fired dry leaves collected from forest. So most of the produce are Organic by Default because the lands are organic itself.

As we know and visit the farmers daily, we do not need certification to sell our vegetables. We know, trust and the taste will identify the vegetable or groceries of their organicness. The cost of paying a firm to certify the land yearly very is very high, which most of the poor Nepali farmers cannot afford. Here we can again let you know that we ourselves produce most of the vegetables in organic way, and we also collect from those farmer who do farming organically.

So don't worry of anything. Another thing we must say, nowadays some companies certify their farm and land as Certified Organic, but no single farm can produce 100% of all types of vegetables. Even if they are a certified organic farm company they have to depend on other farmers who don't have certificate. So being certified only doesn't guarantee the quality of products, it is the principal of seller and supplier do.

With your close eyes trust us, you trust will provide you the best quality Vegetables and Foods. Feel the difference of consuming rich and nutritious foods from HPF.

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